This month (October 2023) all Full Members of ACTRA can run in the election by nominating themselves.

Here is what you need to nominate yourself or another Full ACTRA member

  1. Verify that you or the person you want to nominate is a Full Member of ACTRA 💯
  2. Confirm that you or the person you want to nominate are paid up on union dues 💳
  3. Ensure you have 2 other Full ACTRA members that are able to put their name down to endorse your candidature (aka someone to nominate and second you) 2️⃣
  4. Fill out and submit this nominations form no later than 23 October at 5pm Eastern 📄

What happens after you submit your nominations form?

Every Full Member of the union will be receiving a ballot explaining who is running on November 6.

The Montreal-wide vote will take place between November 6 → 27 by email using the secure election system, ElectionBuddy.


Only full members who are up to date on their union dues will be able to nominate and vote. If you would like to pay your dues, please visit this web page for information about how to pay online, through your bank, or by post.

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