The ACTRA Montreal Background Performer Caucus may be convened from time to time to consider issues that affect ACTRA Montreal members working as background performers and report on such issues to the Montreal Branch Council. The Background Performer Caucus shall further the goals and objectives of ACTRA, its Constitution, By-laws, and strategic plan. The Caucus shall promote:

  • Awareness and understanding of ACTRA, its policies, objectives, and results;
  • Awareness and understanding of ACTRA Member services;
  • Community building among the background performer community of the ACTRA Montreal Membership.

On behalf of the Branch Council, the Caucus shall:

  1. Solicit participation from the ACTRA Montreal background performer community at large.
  2. Value the input of any and all members of the background performer community.
  3. Make recommendations on issues related to background performer work.
  4. Encourage transparency and open dialogue within the background performer community.
  5. Work constructively with ACTRA Montreal and ACTRA National on issues related to collective bargaining objectives.
  6. Educate and promote within the background performer community a culture of accountability, dignity, and respect, to ensure the highest standards of professionalism.

Approved by Branch Council: July 12, 2016. Revised: January 16, 2018.