What is a Life Member?

Nominated by the Honours Committee in recognition of a Member’s contributions to the industry and other members as well as outstanding achievement in their field, Life Members are awarded to a carefully selected few. Each year, new members are attributed this prestigious title. Take a look at ACTRA Montreal’s most recent Life Members:

ACTRA Life Member – Maria Bircher:

Maria Bircher is a beloved, longtime member of ACTRA Montreal. She joined our union in 1988, having already spent several years performing in theatres across Canada and abroad. In the 1990s and 2000s, Maria spent six years on Montreal Council focussing on women’s committee issues and professional development, and 2 terms as an ACTRA National Councillor. Her prolific career has included work on all of ACTRA’s contracts. She has also distinguished herself as a writer, adaptor, and translator on hundreds of animation, documentary, tv and feature film productions. In recent years, Maria has worked extensively as a voice director, making it her mission to bring in and train a new generation of emerging and underrepresented performers. Her efforts have provided opportunities to many members who had previously had difficulty breaking into Montreal’s vibrant dubbing community. Maria is recognized as a generous community builder and supportive mentor, both in studio and in life.

ACTRA Life Member – Felicia Shulman:

Having had her first speaking role at the age of four, Felicia Shulman has been an ACTRA member since 1991.She served two terms on Montreal Council and has participated in numerous Focus Groups over the years. In 2014, Felicia was awarded ACTRA Montreal’s Woman of the Year for her outstanding contributions as an artist, advocate, and community leader. A great proponent of union pride, Felicia has advocated passionately for ACTRA and worked to improve relations between ACTRA and UBCP and showed diplomacy to the cause. In 2022, she was nominated for a performance award at the ACTRA Awards in Montreal. Felicia continues to support and mentor young and emerging talent and to make an impact in the acting community.