Governance for the Election Process

a. The Branch Manager will preside over the Election Process as the Chief Electoral Officer, proceeding in accordance with the election timetable with no further reporting to ACTRA Montreal Council.

b. The call for and receipt of nominations shall be conducted by ACTRA Montreal electronically, except in the case of eligible full members of the branch with missing or invalid email addresses, or in the case of a member who requests a paper copy of the material.

c. The voting process shall be coordinated by ACTRA Montreal and administered electronically through a 3rd party electronic voting service, except in the case of eligible full members of the branch with missing or invalid email addresses, or in the case of a member who requests a paper copy of the material.

d. The timetable for the 2023 ACTRA Montreal Council Election is as follows:
i. Call for nomination eblast – Monday, October 2
• Material that must be mailed shall be posted by this date as well.
ii. Deadline to receive duly completed Nomination form – Monday, October 23 (5 pm)
iii. Voting eblast – Monday, November 6
• Material that must be mailed should be posted by this date as well.
iv. Voting deadline – Monday, November 27 (12:00 pm)
• Electronic ballots and paper ballots must be returned by this deadline.
v. Notification of elected Branch Council members – Thursday, November 30 (or sooner if results are available)

e. In presiding over the Election Process, the Chief Electoral Officer shall:
i. Establish and manage the election timetable;
ii. Notify the membership of the election period and rules;
iii. Ensure Election Rules and ACTRA Montreal policies are observed;
iv. Approve all election documentation;
v. Approve Nomination forms and Candidate statements;
vi. Encourage members to vote through ACTRA Montreal communication;
vii. Coordinate with the electronic voting service engaged for the election;
viii. Notify the newly elected members of ACTRA Montreal Council of their election;
ix. Conduct a tie-breaking draw in the event of a tie between two or more candidates for the 11th position, in the following manner;
i. Schedule a draw to take place for the position within five (5) working days from the close of the election.
ii. Invite Candidates to attend in person or to appoint a scrutineer to observe the draw.
iii. Write the candidates names on pieces of paper and toss them in a bowl.
iv. Draw one piece of paper from the bowl and read the name of the successful candidate.
x. Ensure retention of the ballots/election results for a minimum period of three months following the election, such information to be consulted in the event of a legitimate complaint or challenge that might necessitate verification or a recount.
xi. Provide a summary report of the election results to the membership, announcing the names of the winning Candidates.
xii. Prepare a detailed election report including the total number of ballots sent, ballots cast, ballots cast for each Candidate and number of spoiled ballots for analysis by incoming Council.

f. These Election Rules are subject to the ACTRA National Constitution and By-laws, ACTRA Montreal By-laws and ACTRA Montreal policies. These Election Rules shall be made available to the Membership and must include:
i. Eligibility to run for office: only Full members of ACTRA Montreal in good standing may run for ACTRA Montreal Council or may Propose or Second Candidates;
ii. Nomination forms must be signed by the Candidate, Proposer and Seconder (electronic signatures are acceptable);
iii. Candidates must acknowledge and abide by ACTRA Montreal’s policies including the Equality Statement and Social Media Policy;
iv. Nominees may provide an electronic Candidate Statement, not to exceed one hundred fifty (150) words, to be shared with eligible voters;
i. The Candidate Statement must be received in advance of the Nomination deadline;
ii. The Chief Electoral Officer may edit Candidate Statements to the prescribed length should they exceed 150 words;
iii. Candidate Statements that contain statements that are materially false, libelous, or otherwise at variance with any law will not be circulated to members by ACTRA Montreal;
v. Candidates, their representatives and all individuals are prohibited from using any Union funds or Union logos for the purposes of campaigning. Candidates in breach of this provision are subject to disciplinary action;
vi. Incumbent members of the ACTRA Montreal Council are prohibited from using their position at ACTRA events or on ACTRA platforms for campaigning (e.g. while speaking on behalf of ACTRA Montreal at the Annual General Meeting);
vii. Posting in a public forum hosted by the Union (e.g., the ACTRA Montreal private Facebook group) for the purposes of campaigning is permitted.

g. Force majure: In the event of any unforeseen emergency, extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of ACTRA Montreal, or any Act of God that disrupts or delays the election schedule as outlined above, the Branch Manager / Chief Electoral Officer may, in consultation with the ACTRA Regional Director and the ACTRA National Executive Director, amend the schedule as required.

h. At the first ACTRA Montreal Council meeting following the election:
i. The incumbent President shall preside with the newly elected ACTRA Montreal Council in attendance;
ii. The Branch Manager will assume the chair as the Chief Electoral Officer for the election of Branch Council Officers and National Councillors, all of whom will be elected from amongst the newly elected ACTRA Montreal Council.
a. Elections will be conducted by secret ballot, pursuant to rules that are consistent with past practice, and administered by the Chief Electoral Officer whose decisions with respect to Branch Council Officers’ and National Councillors’ elections shall be final.
b. Councillors need not be in attendance to stand for election. Absentee candidates must be nominated by a newly elected Councillor. Such candidates may submit a brief Candidate Statement to be read in their absence.
iii. The newly elected President will assume the chair and all Presidential privileges at the conclusion of the meeting.

Adopted by Council on September 28th, 2023.