The Exceptional Circumstances Committee meets as required to receive applications for Membership into ACTRA based on Exceptional Circumstances, according to the ACTRA Constitution, Article 303 b). The Committee is mandated to reach a decision on each application and grant Membership into ACTRA when appropriate and consistent with the goals and objectives of ACTRA, its Constitution, By-laws, and strategic plan.

On behalf of the Branch Council, the Committee shall:

  1. Select, from among its membership, a Committee Chair;
  2. Meet as required in order to make decisions in a timely manner;
  3. Ensure consistent application of policy and decision-making;
  4. Declare any potential conflicts of interest (ie. a close personal relationship with an applicant) and, at the discretion of the Chair, recuse themselves from the decision-making process;
  5. Work constructively with the ACTRA Montreal staff resources as assigned.

Approved by ACTRA Montreal Council June 19, 2012. Revised: January 14, 2020.