ACTRA Montreal is pleased to announce the new Branch Council for 2022-2024. The ACTRA Montreal Branch Council represents the interests of the Montreal membership.

“Congratulations to our elected ACTRA Montreal Councillors”, said Simon Peacock, ACTRA Montreal President. “Our important and challenging work together will navigate us through these difficult times. I am confident we shall emerge even stronger and better prepared to protect future generations of performers in Montreal and Canada”.

The ACTRA Montreal Council is made up of 11 members: Thor Bishopric, Stephanie Breton, Teneisha Collins, Lucinda Davis, Matt Holland, Mariah Inger, Richard Jutras, Li Li,  Eleanor Noble, Simon Peacock and Jen Viens. 

The Executive officers are: Simon Peacock, President, Eleanor Noble, Vice-President, Thor Bishopric, Treasurer and Jen Viens, Secretary. Stephanie Breton and Li Li have been elected as ACTRA National Councillors.

The two-year term for the new Branch Council begins January 2022.

ACTRA Montreal gratefully acknowledges the years of dedication and support provided by our outgoing Councillors, Elizabeth Neale (Secretary), Tristan D. Lalla (National Councillor), Tyrone Benskin (Member-at-Large), Richard M. Dumont (Alternate), Julian Stamboulieh (Alternate) and Kathleen Stavert (Alternate).