Both ACTRA and UDA stand together in solidarity and support their respective efforts to negotiate their commercial collective agreements.

ACTRA recognizes UDA’s jurisdiction and their collective agreements. UDA recognizes ACTRA’s jurisdiction and their collective agreements. The Business Representatives of both ACTRA and UDA are diligently working to ensure that each others’ jurisdictions are being respected.

ACTRA and UDA invite their respective members and the talent agents that represent them to be vigilant when assessing audition breakdowns to ensure that they respect the appropriate union jurisdictions, in particular when the commercials are shot silently. Before commercials go to camera, ACTRA and UDA representatives are carefully verifying contracts to ensure that they are accurate and reflect the type of production being shot. Members and talent agents are encouraged to contact their union representatives if ever in doubt of the legitimacy or accurateness of information.   

Please note that both unions are collaborating to ensure that jurisdictions are being respected and that performers are protected by the appropriate collective agreement.